OCTOBER 31, 2015

Thousands gather to celebrate in Italy’s cultural and fashion mecca, now home to the largest Ideal Scientology Organization on the planet.

In yet another historic achievement during a year of unparalleled advances for the Scientology religion, the latest Ideal Organization opened its doors to Milan, Italy, on Saturday, October 31, as an exuberant audience of some 8,000 Italian Scientologists, guests and dignitaries came together to share the unveiling of an Ideal Church of singular stature and majesty in the European capital of style and sophistication.

Mr. David Miscavige, Chairman of the Board Religious Technology Center, was met with an impassioned reception upon taking the stage, from the thousands of Scientologists and guests on hand to dedicate the new Ideal Church of Scientology Milan.

Mr. David Miscavige, Chairman of the Board Religious Technology Center—who flew directly to Milan from the United Kingdom after having officiated the opening of the Ideal Saint Hill on October 18 and the 31st anniversary of the International Association of Scientologists (IAS) on October 23—dedicated the Ideal Organization of Milan.

“I am supremely honored to join you on this day transcending all days before it. For if ever was a city destined as the seat of an Ideal Org, then this is your Milan. This city of age-old splendor and new-age vision. This city of lords and city of glory. This city, where energy pulses from her streets and creativity issues from her soul. This original ‘Ideal City.’ Indeed, today we celebrate as Ideal an Org as any. And thus an Org as the living embodiment of that LRH maxim: ‘The Sun never sets on Scientology.’ And so I dedicate this building to a future emblazoned with a Scientology renaissance—a renaissance of eternal life.”

The world’s largest Ideal Scientology Organization, the sleek and modern Milan Ideal Church, spans 104,000 square feet on 1.5 acres of land surrounding a more than 22,000-square-foot courtyard. Prominent in the extreme, the new Church stands on the city’s Fulvio Testi Avenue and looks out over Milan’s beloved North Park. The entire facility covers a full city block in the fast-emerging district of Bicocca.

Joining the Scientology parishioners at the milestone event on Saturday were several Italian leaders committed to working with the Church to create a better world. Stepping to the podium to share that passion were Mr. Gianfranco Tucci, Milan City Councilor; Mr. Marcello Arena, Sports Activities Director of the Milan Municipal Police Force; Mr. Carlo Proserpio, President of the Council of Trade Associations—North Milan; Mr. Gelek Yakar, President of the Mandala Center for the Cultural Preservation of Tibet; and Mr. Fabio Bergomi, of the Executive Council for Volunteerism for the Metropolitan City of Milan.

Mr. Tucci welcomed the Church to its new quarters: “Having a Church of Scientology of such grand dimensions in our district not only integrates our multiple social and cultural realities, but it serves as a spiritual point of reference and a meeting place for all who want to better the quality of life for the people who live in it. And for that, you have my enduring support and thanks.”

Mr. Arena spoke of his partnership with the Church in broadening vital drug education across the city: “Your Church’s Truth About Drugs campaign led me to have a very high consideration for Scientologists. What you are doing is remarkable. And the union between institutional forces and voluntary forces is what will bring an actual betterment to society. In that spirit, I would very much like to be able to use your auditorium for my future Local Police Corps congresses and events. I hope you don’t mind if we come here all the time!”

Next to take the stage was Mr. Yakar, who highlighted Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard’s impact on global tolerance and mutual respect: “Mr. Hubbard’s works have been preserved, read and listened to by millions across the planet. We have to thank him for what he did—for his wisdom. His words have left an imprint on the soul of so many before him. For me, I can but thank him for inspiring Scientologists and so sparking an international movement to bring respect for every living being, not only across Italy, but across the world.”

In members of the Milan Church, Mr. Proserpio found people of character who share his vision for the community and are committed to putting in the work necessary to accomplish it: “In this new Church, there are people who wish to change the society for the better. People who are doing effective things to defeat drug abuse and to recover those moral values that each of us recognizes as true and important. As such, I hope that you will continue to help me create an ideal area out of this area of Milan—an area in which people can live respecting one another, helping one another and prospering. So thank you for what you have done and for what you are going to do.”

While finally, Mr. Bergomi spoke of the work of the PROCIVICOS, the Civil Protection Volunteers of the Scientology Community—Scientology Volunteer Ministers who provide frontline disaster response in their communities: “When the Seveso River overflowed its banks last November, you immediately answered the first alert and arrived on the scene in the middle of the night. And you did so with that always shining spirit of doing anything possible to help others. Which is why I am extremely grateful you have given yourselves to the volunteer movement of our city of Milan!”

The Milan Ideal Org stands as an alpha symbol that perfectly reflects the grandeur of the legendary city—a breathtaking example of style and purpose for Scientology Organizations in Italy and around the world. Elegant and timeless marble, dark millwork and polished stainless steel are accented throughout with red, reminiscent of the area’s famed Ducatis and Ferraris.

The facility features a full-service restaurant and café. The Milan Chapel is the largest of any Ideal Org to accommodate Sunday services and weddings, as well as a host of community-wide events open to members of all denominations.

Its expansive Public Information Center features displays containing more than 500 films presenting the beliefs and practices of the Scientology religion and the life and legacy of Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard. The Information Center also offers a detailed overview of the many Church-sponsored humanitarian programs. These include a worldwide human rights education initiative; a far-reaching drug education, prevention and rehabilitation program; a global network of literacy and learning centers; and the Scientology Volunteer Ministers program, now representing the world’s largest independent relief force.

The Ideal Org of Milan further includes multiple seminar rooms and classrooms, in addition to an entire floor dedicated to Scientology auditing (spiritual counseling).

The Church of Scientology has enjoyed greater expansion during the past decade than in the previous 50 years combined, while the first 10 months of 2015 have been marked by historic achievements for the religion and its humanitarian programs, including:

More openings are planned in Australia, Africa, Europe and North America in the year ahead.