MARCH 16, 2024

Thousands of Scientologists from Florida and around the globe gather at the religion’s spiritual headquarters in Clearwater to mark Founder L. Ron Hubbard’s birthday—complete with the legendary Birthday Game—and to festively celebrate both his vision and his Technology.

It was the birthday party thousands had been waiting for. In fact, more Scientologists than ever before filled Ruth Eckerd Hall for this annual celebration.

Following an energy-driving 30-minute performance by a superlative band—joined by soloists, dancers and even Grammy Award-winning bassist Stanley Clarke—fireworks and the first of dozens of standing ovations greeted Mr. David Miscavige, Chairman of the Board Religious Technology Center, as he took the stage to celebrate the birthday of L. Ron Hubbard (LRH).

The first of dozens of thunderous standing ovations greets Mr. David Miscavige, Chairman of the Board Religious Technology Center, as he takes the stage for Founder L. Ron Hubbard’s Birthday Celebration.

Just one of the inspirational themes of the evening, Thinking Big, was demonstrated throughout the jubilant, full-on, full-crowd celebration, which included a review of achievements in the past year, as well as the introduction of newly trained executives launching out to Ideal Orgs worldwide after having completed the most important training program in Scientology history.

Returning to Clearwater’s landmark performing arts center, Mr. Miscavige first paid tribute to L. Ron Hubbard, then welcomed the thousands who had come from nearby and worldwide to celebrate all that had occurred since the last birthday gathering.

There was merriment, there was magic, but most of all, there was more—more people, more good news—and lots more ahead.

“As is befitting on this night of nights, we will present what LRH most wished for on his birthday: not only a Birthday Game that signifies EXPANSION,” Mr. Miscavige told the crowd near the beginning of the Saturday night festivities, “but also, the expansionist destiny as fueled by his Technology and all as manifested in Ideal Orgs.

“But, why understate it?” he continued. “Truth is, you can mark tonight as a watershed milestone from which we will never look back. Moreover, it’s a milestone with exponential ramifications.”

Mr. Miscavige shared the many recognitions and honors bestowed on Mr. Hubbard since this crowd last gathered, including:

  • In Washington, DC, where LRH famously made history as America’s youngest Eagle Scout, and where today the United States Congress commemorates 100 years since he blazed a trail for generations of Scouts;
  • In the Philippines, where a young L. Ron Hubbard discovered wonders unknown to the Western world and where, in honor of his wisdom, a high sultan declared LRH as a rarely designated Royal Chief;
  • And in Africa, where LRH fought to throw off the chains of oppression for a people, and where supreme African royals presented a sacred leopard skin bestowed only to royalty by royalty. With that gift came proclamations of profound appreciation for LRH and his vision for Africa as the wellspring of a momentous future for Mankind: “With Scientology Technology on our side, we are building that next great civilization.”
  • So, too, came a wave of recognitions, each honoring L. Ron Hubbard’s global humanitarian legacy:

  • His Study Technology that, for the last half-century, has helped bring literacy to more than 64 million students;
  • His drug rehabilitation technology, which has saved countless lives through a network of centers, double that of any other major rehab treatment center worldwide;
  • And finally, his technology for kindness and morality in the 21 precepts of The Way to Happiness, his common-sense guide for living now available in 118 major languages.
  • The overflowing appreciation and gratitude also poured in from scholars, cultural institutions, religious leaders, government officials and even federal legislatures—more than 1,000 recognitions in the name of LRH.


    As Mr. Miscavige alluded at the top of the evening, the Birthday Celebration included an “expansionist destiny” as fueled by LRH Technology.

    He was speaking of the Golden Age of Administration, the crowning chapter in the Church’s Golden Age. Mr. Miscavige referred back to milestones “from which we’ll never look back”—the Golden Age of Knowledge and Golden Age of Tech Phase II—and added, “Even still, there yet remains one final component to the full Golden Age equation.”

    The Golden Age of Administration, he said, “complements and amplifies all others, ultimately bringing the entire Golden Age to fruition. And yes, as of LRH’s birthday tonight, we have achieved liftoff. This is the one that brings them all to full blossom.”

    More than 800 Scientology executives from around the world have already enrolled on the new training program at Flag, the religion’s spiritual headquarters in Clearwater.

    Among the first Ideal Org executives to complete the program and fire to their Churches were those from Melbourne, London, Denmark, Scotland and San Francisco, as well as three from Florida: Orlando, Miami and “the Hometown Team,” Tampa.

    As the crowd cheered emphatically for the Golden Age of Administration teams, the best was still yet to come.


    “And with that we arrive at the next chapter of this evening’s event,” Mr. Miscavige told the crowd. “Although, actually, it’s more like three chapters … three cities, two countries and one glorious reality.

    “And let me tell you, there ain’t ever been anything like this.”

    The rush began February 24 in Austin, Texas, where Mr. Miscavige dedicated a magnificent new Ideal Org that stands directly across the street from the University of Texas, in the state’s capital city. Moreover, it is right on The Drag, Austin’s cultural and social hub, where an average of 70,000 people walk past the Church’s street-level, floor-to-ceiling windows every day.

    Just six days later, Mr. Miscavige traveled 1,000 miles south to Mexico City, the largest Spanish-speaking city on Earth, where mariachis serenaded those gathered. Beneath a night sky, Mr. Miscavige commemorated the Grand Opening of the Ideal Org of Del Valle. The 12-story building, with its 80-foot illuminated Scientology sign, towers above the city and can be seen from a mile in every direction.

    Then, just two days later and some 2,000 miles away, on an impossibly unseasonable 70 degree Chicago winter day in what is often called “The Best Big City in the US,” Mr. Miscavige joined thousands of Scientologists to celebrate the third Ideal Org opening in nine days. The beautifully restored downtown landmark is more than a century old and stands on Printer’s Row, the historic hub of the Midwest’s print industry.

    The glorious reality of this triple display of manifested expansion came to life in vibrant video presentations, transporting the birthday audience to all three Grand Openings—each greeted with a tremendous ovation.

    A whirlwind demonstration of Thinking Big, these brand-new Ideal Orgs brought the total to 76 worldwide—with more on the runway to Grand Opening.


    A boisterous highlight of the evening was the announcement of the winners of the annual Birthday Game, revolving around fulfilling that LRH wish for the gift he wanted most of all: EXPANSION in the name of building a better world. Driven by that goal, Missions, Churches, Advanced Organizations and Continental Liaison Offices contend all year for top honors across six continents and dozens of cities, with some tightly contested races coming down to the final days.

    When the race was over, the champions stepping into the Winner’s Circle to collect their gleaming trophies and racing silks and bask in the roar of the crowd included: the Scientology Mission of Quito, Ecuador; the Church of Scientology of Kaohsiung, Taiwan; the Advanced Organization for Australasia; and the Continental Liaison Office of the Western United States.


    An unerring theme of the celebration was LRH’s mandate to Think in Futures. And that was underscored in Mr. Miscavige’s next presentation dealing with the very near future: the next season of Scientology Network. Due to the success of the network since its launch, he said, “Greater numbers are crossing our threshold than ever in history. Even more,” he added, “those walking through the doors are not even asking questions. They already know what service they want to take! So yes, it is a whole new world.”

    And with that, Mr. Miscavige previewed the upcoming season and, once again, the crowd roared.

    Still thinking in futures, Mr. Miscavige acknowledged that there was “one present we haven’t unwrapped … yet.

    “This is a gift so grand, it required commensurately grand preparation to unwrap it.”

    And as the crowd stirred with recognition and jubilation, he said, “This will be the Church of Scientology and Celebrity Centre Paris,” then announced a Grand Opening in the coming weeks.

    “We will light up the City of Light!” he proclaimed. With that, a visual presentation of her new Golden Age of Administration team returning home played to an elated crowd. The exquisite six-story structure is just blocks from where the Closing Ceremonies will be held for the Olympics this year.

    The cheers that accompanied the standing ovation could certainly be heard clear across Clearwater’s Courtney Campbell Causeway, if not all the way out to the Atlantic Ocean and headed toward Europe.


    As the immediately legendary Birthday Event drew near a close, Mr. Miscavige announced one final gift—this one from LRH to all the attendees.

    “It’s a gift on behalf of LRH. Indeed, words he wrote for you,” he said, explaining that each attendee would be receiving a personal copy of LRH’s handwritten poem “We Are the Free People,” which resonates with inspiration relevant for all.

    Then, before a final three cheers and “Happy Birthday, Sir!” Mr. Miscavige closed with this:

    “You are now experiencing what you could call a Golden Age of being a Scientologist and of winning Universal Freedom.

    “Regardless of how you choose to wield your freedom,” he continued, “do take your own next step … so you will win, and we will all win.”

    And all as LRH wrote in his immortal poem:

    Our unchained minds can reach

    Afar and grasp

    The idea of ultimate Freedom.


    We are the Free People.

    We LIVE!

    We’re Free!

    —L. Ron Hubbard